Stock Trailers

Discover the immediate joy of adventure with Hiker Trailers’ selection of ready–built stock trailers. Perfect for those eager to hit the trails without delay, our stock trailers are available right now at various showrooms. Each trailer is crafted with the same dedication to quality and functionality as our custom models, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable camping experience straight off the showroom floor.

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Ready for Adventure, No Wait Required

Bypass the wait times associated with custom builds. Our ready–built trailers are primed for immediate adventures, offering a variety of features to suit a range of camping styles and preferences. With no lead time, you’re just a showroom visit away from beginning your next outdoor journey.

Limited Yet Meaningful Customization

While our stock trailers come pre–built, there’s still room for personal touches. We understand the importance of tailoring your trailer to your needs, which is why we offer the flexibility to upgrade your stock model to an extent. Choose from a selection of enhancements and accessories to add a personal flair or additional functionality to your trailer.

Quality and Convenience Combined

Each stock trailer upholds Hiker Trailers’ commitment to quality craftsmanship and durability.We’ve carefully selected features and designs that resonate with a broad range of adventurers, ensuring that you receive a high–quality, versatile trailer ready for the diverse demands of outdoor exploration.

Start Your Adventure Today

Visit one of our showrooms to view our ready–built stock trailers and embark on your adventure without the wait. With Hiker Trailers, the path to exploring the great outdoors in comfort and style is quicker and easier than ever.