ST012 – 5′ x 10′ – MR

Mid Range - 5x10

Our most popular model. Expand your campground with moderate off-roading capabilities and explore open fields, trails, rough and rocky paths. Great for the spontaneous adventure.

Price with all included options: $18,438.06

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Options included in this stock trailer:

Trailer Model & Size

Mid Range$0.00
Mid Range - 5x10$10,499.00

Color Options

Color Option - Burgundy$150.00
Front Diamond Plate - 24" Half Wall$100.00
Side Diamond Plate - 14" Side Wrap$250.00
Diamond Plate Color - Black$0.00

Doors and Windows

Add a Driver Side Door$300.00
Door Type - Solid Doors$0.00
Door Bungies$60.00

Galley and Cabinetry

Galley Close Off Options - Bottom Close Off & Upper Shelf Divider$150.00
Front Cabin Shelf$125.00
Galley Depth - 24"$200.00
Cabinet Doors - Front & Rear$200.00
Rear Cabin Shelf - None$0.00

Rooftop Accessories

Roof Rack System - 2 Bar Roof Rack$300.00
Passenger Side Awning - 23 Zero Peregrine 270°$1,099.00

Tires, Hitches, and Brakes

Spare Tire - Mid Range Spare$300.00
Spare Tire Mount - Under Mount$150.00
Trailer Hitch - 2" Ball$0.00
Vehicle Hitch - 2" Ball$0.00

Toolbox and Tongue

Toolbox - 60" Large Black Toolbox$600.00

Side Mounted Accessories

Passenger Side Propane - 11lb Mount Only$165.00

Heat, Air, and AC

Roof Vent / Fan - MaxxFan$400.00
Front Vents$150.00

Battery and Electrical

Portable Power Station - Goal Zero Yeti 1000X$899.95
Goal Zero Power Station Mount - Goal Zero 1000X+$175.00
Power Station Input - 12V Male Carport (Cigarette)$125.00
DC to DC Charger$200.00


Cabin Light - Ring Light$50.00
Add a Passenger Side Exterior Light - Flood$150.00
Add a Driver Side Exterior Light - Flood$150.00
Add a Rear Exterior Light - Flood$150.00

Solar Power

No Selections

On-Board Water and Shower Systems

No Selections

Pick Up Location

Trailer Pick Up Location - Superfly Flies - Sandpoint, ID$2,000.00