Start Your Adventure: Design in the Adventure Hub

Discover the perfect trailer for your needs with our Hiker Trailer Adventure Hub, a custom trailer configurator that lets you build and compare up to five trailers, exploring different pricing, models, and features to find your ideal match.

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Craft Your Dream: Submit and Consult

After creating your dream trailer build, easily schedule a virtual appointment with our team of professionals to discuss your choices, ask questions, and get insider insights to refine your build to perfection. Have a oneoff customization youre wondering about? This is where we can review your build with our engineering team to see if its possible.

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Secure Your Vision: Easy Deposit Process

Secure your build with a hasslefree $500 deposit, fully refundable for up to two weeks, giving you peace of mind. This deposit assigns your build a unique number and places it in our queue, marking the start of your trailer’s journey.

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Finalize Your Rig: Build Confirmation

Finalize your trailer design by confirming your choices. We understand the importance of getting everything just right, so we accommodate lastminute changes after your initial order and prior to construction. Last minute changes can be made to your trailer once its built in a Service Appointment.

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The Countdown Begins

Experience minimal wait times with our industryleading lead times of three months or less. Stay updated on your build’s progress with our Trailer Tracker, providing regular status updates as we bring your dream trailer to life.

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Your Build Realized: Virtual Inspection

Once your trailer is complete, we’ll guide you through a detailed virtual inspection to ensure everything meets your expectations. This is the perfect time to ask any final questions and make sure every detail is as you envisioned. You can also schedule post pick up service work for last minute addons and accessories.

Team member walking with tablet during virtual inspection

Smooth Sailing: Final Payment and Prep

Our team will assist you with all the paper work needed for your new Hiker Trailer, including titling, MSO, and any applicable taxes. We also collaborate with lenders to facilitate independent trailer financing, making the final steps smooth and straightforward.

Customer signing final payment documents

Start Your Journey: Pick Up and Delivery

Choose your preferred way to receive your trailer: visit our main factory, one of our remote showrooms, or opt for the convenience of direct delivery to your doorstep. Either way, weve got you covered. At your pick up, we will perform a walkthrough and handson demo of your new trailer and its accessories.

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Embrace the Adventure

Embark on your adventures and become part of our vibrant community. Join campouts, participate in events, and connect with other owners online to share tips, discover secret travel spots, and get inspired on how to best outfit your new trailer.

Trailer set up in remote campsite

As an outdoor enthusiast, I was always looking for a trailer that struck the balance between convenience and my habit of Overlanding. My Hiker Trailer Mid Range XL has exceeded my expectations in every way.The level of personalization and customization that the Hiker Trailer team worked with me on allowed me to not only incorporate pieces of gear that I can’t live without, but also worked with me on a customization that they don’t offer on standard models. The best thing about my Hiker Trailer is the fact that it fits in my garage! Letting me easily gear up and go when I feel like it.

Henry S–Duluth, MN–Mid Range XL 5×10-2022

I got so lucky finding out about Hiker Trailers during my search for a small, lightweight travel trailer for solo camping. As a woman,I wanted to be able to camp and travel on my own, but wanted something more secure and less hassle than a tent. My Hiker Trailer has been incredibly easy to use with just me and my dog Russel. The whole team at Hiker Trailers has been incredibly helpful supporting me over the years with maintenance guidance, troubleshooting, and service. I wouldn’t be able to travel like I do now without my Hiker Trailer.

Megan R–Asheville, NC–Highway Deluxe 5 x 9-2019

My wife Corrine and I have been avid RVers for over 20 years. We’ve owned a fifth wheel and larger travel trailer before owning our Mid Range.We don’t need much in a camper, just a reliable, easy to use camper that I don’t have to worry about something falling off of it. That’s one main reason we chose theHiker. The build quality and simplicity of it is a breeze and lets us get out and see the grandkids more often. We don’t have to stay at an RV park anymore, and can sleep right in the driveway. The grandkids probably end up staying in it more than we do.

Tom & Corrine S–Prescott, AZ–Mid Range 5×9–2020

Our family loves our Hiker Trailer. We use it almost every month when the weather is nice. Having two small children, we wanted to be able to enjoy our camping hobby, but not spend a boat load on a regular camper or RV. The bunk beds allow us to sleep in the same cabin while they’re young and may need us during the night. Going with Hiker Trailers and the flexibility of their upgrades was ideal for us in the long term. We plan on upgrading to a roof top tent when the kids outgrow the bunks, and with Hiker we don't have to upgrade until we are ready which kept the camper in our budget. The Hiker Team has been knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to work with. I also really like the community around Hiker Trailers and have gotten so many great ideas from the other owners.

Michelle and Tom K–Louisville, CO–Mid Range 5×10–2021

As an avid off-roader and overlander, I was really getting fed up with the hassle of my rooftop tent. Every time I wanted to hit a new trail, it meant tearing down my entire setup. I needed something rugged that could match the capabilities of my Tacoma and keep up with my adventurous spirit. I've been eyeing Hiker Trailers for a while, especially at the Overland Shows. When I finally decided to ditch my rooftop tent for an Overland Trailer, Hiker stood out to me, particularly their Extreme Off Road model. What really sold me was the balance between the affordability and the rugged design of their trailers. With all the time and gear I've put into my Tacoma, finding a trailer that doesn't break the bank but still holds up off-road was crucial. My Hiker Extreme Off Road trailer effortlessly tackles the rough terrain I love, and it's a breeze to pack up or set down when I'm itching to explore a new off-road challenge.

Rick B–Berea, KY–Extreme Off Road 5×9-2023


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