Our trailers are not just vehicles for travel; they are bespoke creations, crafted to endure and designed to inspire. Each Hiker Trailer is born from a meticulous build process, a journey through precision and artistry. From the robust foundation laid out in our model design and fabrication to intricate electrical systems powering your journeys, every stage is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our experienced craftsmen, with their skilled hands and keen eyes, ensure that each detail in your trailer is not just built, but crafted to perfection. We invite you to discover how Hiker Trailers blends innovative design with unparalleled quality, creating not just a trailer, but a companion for your adventures.

Frames: The Foundation

It all starts with the framethe backbone of our trailers. Here, expert welding meets precision in fitting tires, suspension, and intricate wiring. This stage is crucial for ensuring a solid and safe base for your adventure. Every Hiker Trailer is made with a robust steel frame for maximum durability, and our suspension systems are designed to suit the unique niche of our four models.

Box Building: Crafting the Core

Our box building stage is where the shape of your trailer begins to emerge. Skilled craftsmen meticulously construct the main structure of your Hiker Trailer, ensuring every angle and joint is perfect. We add insulation to the roof to help with heating and cooling efficiency, and prep all internal wiring to minimize intrusive installation for options and addons.

Woodworking: Functional Elegance

The woodworking station is where beauty meets function. Here, experienced craftsmen install and finish all cabinetry, blending elegance with practicality. Precision CNC cut and hand finished cubbies, drawers, shelves, and trim add to the form and function of each unique Hiker Trailer set up.

Skinning: Crafting the Look

The skinning process is where your trailer starts to show its true colors. Aluminum siding and waterproofing tapes and coatings are applied with precision to provide maximum weatherproofing and protection. Doors and windows are installed, bringing your design to life.

Electrical: Powering Your Adventure

Our electrical station is where we empower your travels. From lighting to solar panels and power stations, every connection is made with care to ensure reliability wherever you go. Both 12V and 110V systems allow for maximum compatibility and comfort. We take special care in clean and simple wiring installs to allow for easy modification or maintenance.

Installation: Adding the Extras

In the installation stage, we personalize your trailer with accessories. Whether its awnings, propane tanks, or showers, each addition is mounted with precision to enhance your outdoor experience.

Fit and Finish: The Final Touches

Our fit and finish area is where we perfect every detail. Cleaning, caulking, and meticulous preparation lead up to the final inspection, ensuring your trailer is flawless.

Inspection: Quality Assurance

Quality is our promise, and our unique triple inspection process guarantees it. Each trailer undergoes a rigorous station inspection during our construction process, followed by a thorough final inspection by our highly trained staff. Finally, we provide a detailed virtual inspection with you, our customer, ensuring that your new Hiker Trailer is built to your specifications.

From the first weld to the final inspection, every Hiker Trailer is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. We invite you to experience the difference in every journey you embark on with us.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I was always looking for a trailer that struck the balance between convenience and my habit of Overlanding. My Hiker Trailer Mid Range XL has exceeded my expectations in every way.The level of personalization and customization that the Hiker Trailer team worked with me on allowed me to not only incorporate pieces of gear that I can’t live without, but also worked with me on a customization that they don’t offer on standard models. The best thing about my Hiker Trailer is the fact that it fits in my garage! Letting me easily gear up and go when I feel like it.

Henry S–Duluth, MN–Mid Range XL 5×10-2022

I got so lucky finding out about Hiker Trailers during my search for a small, lightweight travel trailer for solo camping. As a woman,I wanted to be able to camp and travel on my own, but wanted something more secure and less hassle than a tent. My Hiker Trailer has been incredibly easy to use with just me and my dog Russel. The whole team at Hiker Trailers has been incredibly helpful supporting me over the years with maintenance guidance, troubleshooting, and service. I wouldn’t be able to travel like I do now without my Hiker Trailer.

Megan R–Asheville, NC–Highway Deluxe 5 x 9-2019

My wife Corrine and I have been avid RVers for over 20 years. We’ve owned a fifth wheel and larger travel trailer before owning our Mid Range.We don’t need much in a camper, just a reliable, easy to use camper that I don’t have to worry about something falling off of it. That’s one main reason we chose theHiker. The build quality and simplicity of it is a breeze and lets us get out and see the grandkids more often. We don’t have to stay at an RV park anymore, and can sleep right in the driveway. The grandkids probably end up staying in it more than we do.

Tom & Corrine S–Prescott, AZ–Mid Range 5×9–2020

Our family loves our Hiker Trailer. We use it almost every month when the weather is nice. Having two small children, we wanted to be able to enjoy our camping hobby, but not spend a boat load on a regular camper or RV. The bunk beds allow us to sleep in the same cabin while they’re young and may need us during the night. Going with Hiker Trailers and the flexibility of their upgrades was ideal for us in the long term. We plan on upgrading to a roof top tent when the kids outgrow the bunks, and with Hiker we don't have to upgrade until we are ready which kept the camper in our budget. The Hiker Team has been knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to work with. I also really like the community around Hiker Trailers and have gotten so many great ideas from the other owners.

Michelle and Tom K–Louisville, CO–Mid Range 5×10–2021

As an avid off-roader and overlander, I was really getting fed up with the hassle of my rooftop tent. Every time I wanted to hit a new trail, it meant tearing down my entire setup. I needed something rugged that could match the capabilities of my Tacoma and keep up with my adventurous spirit. I've been eyeing Hiker Trailers for a while, especially at the Overland Shows. When I finally decided to ditch my rooftop tent for an Overland Trailer, Hiker stood out to me, particularly their Extreme Off Road model. What really sold me was the balance between the affordability and the rugged design of their trailers. With all the time and gear I've put into my Tacoma, finding a trailer that doesn't break the bank but still holds up off-road was crucial. My Hiker Extreme Off Road trailer effortlessly tackles the rough terrain I love, and it's a breeze to pack up or set down when I'm itching to explore a new off-road challenge.

Rick B–Berea, KY–Extreme Off Road 5×9-2023


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