Addressing Market Changes and Our Commitment to Quality and Value

The Market Context of 2022-2023

The past year has been challenging for many industries, including the RV, Trailer, and Overlanding sectors. The global economy faced significant headwinds, such as a steep rise in inflation and persistent supply chain constraints. These factors inevitably led to price increases across various sectors, impacting both consumers and manufacturers. The RV and related markets were not immune to these challenges, and we observed some businesses unfortunately ceasing operations, leaving their customers with unfulfilled commitments and financial burdens. Amidst this, several manufacturers opted to release lower-cost, basic models, often at the expense of quality and features.

Hiker Trailers’ Approach: Stability in Times of Change

At Hiker Trailers, we’ve taken a different path. Our team has proactively worked to fortify our supply chain and collaborate closely with our vendors, successfully mitigating the typical annual price escalations. This effort was crucial to maintain the high standards of our trailers without compromising the quality or the range of standard options available to our customers. We’re excited to announce that our commitment to quality has enabled us to include several significant upgrades as standard features in our models. Furthermore, we’ve recalibrated our options pricing to enhance value, ensuring that our customers receive the best products at the most competitive prices.

Pricing Structure for 2024

We’re pleased to confirm that there will be no increase in the base pricing of our models for 2024. However, we have made adjustments to the pricing of our options and accessories, reflecting both increases and decreases in costs. Our analysis indicates that these adjustments will result in the average build cost remaining largely consistent with current prices.

Customer-Focused Deposit Policy

Continuing our commitment to customer convenience and transparency, we are maintaining our low-risk deposit policy. A $500 deposit, which is fully refundable until your build is confirmed, will continue to be our standard. This approach is designed to keep the process straightforward and hassle-free, avoiding the complexities of large pre-build deposits or percentage-based payments that can lead to financing difficulties.

In conclusion, as we move into 2024, Hiker Trailers remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to introducing new products and options throughout the year, ensuring that our customers always have access to the best in the market.

Thank you for supporting us and have a wonderful New Year,

Bob Bosar
Hiker Industries