ST067- 5′ x 9′ – XL

Mid Range XL - 5x9

Versatile, Bold, Adaptable

Our most versatile model. With an integrated 2” lift kit and larger tires, take your adventures anywhere. Great for unexplored new territory and untamed nature. Best for moderate and heavy off-roading.

Price with all included options: $17,519.00

Options included in this stock trailer:

Trailer Model & Size

Mid Range XL$0.00
Mid Range XL - 5x9$10,699.00

Color Options

Color Option - Burgundy$150.00
Front Diamond Plate - 24" Half Wall$100.00
Side Diamond Plate - 14" Side Wrap$250.00
Diamond Plate Color - Black$0.00

Doors and Windows

Add a Driver Side Door$300.00
Door Type - Solid Doors$0.00

Galley and Cabinetry

Galley Close Off Options - Bottom Close Off & Upper Shelf Divider$150.00
Galley Depth - 17"$0.00
Rear Cabin Shelf - None$0.00

Rooftop Accessories

Roof Rack System - 2 Bar Roof Rack$300.00

Tires, Hitches, and Brakes

Spare Tire - Mid Range XL Spare$450.00
Spare Tire Mount - Front Mount$175.00
Trailer Hitch - Lock N Roll$200.00
Vehicle Hitch - Standard$245.00

Toolbox and Tongue

Toolbox - 60" Large Black Toolbox$600.00

Side Mounted Accessories

No Selections

Heat, Air, and AC

Roof Vent / Fan - MaxxFan$400.00

Battery and Electrical

Portable Power Station - Goal Zero Yeti 1500X$1,300.00
Goal Zero Power Station Mount - Goal Zero 1000X+$175.00
Power Station Input - 12V Male Carport (Cigarette)$125.00
DC to DC Charger$200.00


Cabin Light - Dome Light$0.00
Add a Passenger Side Exterior Light - Flood$150.00
Add a Driver Side Exterior Light - Flood$150.00
Add a Rear Exterior Light - Flood$150.00

Solar Power

No Selections

On-Board Water and Shower Systems

No Selections

Pick Up Location

Trailer Pick Up Location - VanWorx of New England - Douglas, MA$1,250.00